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Our Outreach Mandate - We are a local church with a mandate to serve and care for our local community and their needs.  At the same time, God has called our church to make disciples of all nations.  That is why our focus is on the local and global expansion of outreach, and evangelism. Whether it be sending missionaries to the nations, planting new churches, or caring for the poor, we believe that as Christians we are called to participate actively in the Great Commission by impacting the world and building the Kingdom of God in every sphere of society.


Stilwell Elementary School

The Holy Spirit placed a burden and love on hearts for Stilwell Elementary School.  Our country is divided over the public school system and what is being taught to our kids.  As a church, we can't get caught up in politics but we must pray for our kids, the teachers, and the administrative staff.  This year, we are committed to serving the school in some practical ways:  (1) Pray  (2)  Find creative ways to bless the teachers  (3) Be a part of the back-to-school program, etc.  To learn more about how you can serve, click the link below.


National Partner

We partner with strategic organizations deployed across our nation to bring the hope of Christ in times of disaster.  Through your generosity, we have been able to partner with Crisis Response International or CRI. 

CRI is a 501(c)3, charitable organization that mobilizes emergency relief supplies, volunteer workers, mobile kitchens, medical personnel, chaplains, and clean-up crews to assist people who are suffering in times of crisis and disaster.  To learn more about CRI visit them at  


Global Outreach Partner

Haiti is a near and dear country to the Adams.  Our Lead Pastor and his wife moved to Haiti as full-time missionaries.  As a church, we have partnered with Pastor Remy, Senior Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, and Director of Good Shepherd School.  Through your generosity and partnership, we have helped Pastor Remy build a bakery, which is feeding Fifty street children every day

To hear more about our partners in Haiti, click below.

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