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"Each must do as already determined, without sadness or compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.“   2 CORINTHIANS 9:7 


Tithe & Offering | 2022

Projected 2022 Budget                                        $90K     

Projected Monthly Giving                       $8K 

 Actual Monthly Giving                                $6.5K

2022 Total Giving                                       $76.3K

YTD Budget %                                            84.79 %

2022 Location Campaign

 Projected Goal: Oct 2022 - Dec  2022              $75K 

 Actual raised: Oct 2022 - Dec 2022              $37K

 We Came Short:                                        - $39K    

2022 Giving to Missions

Church Member and Local Need:                      $3.5K 

Global | Haiti:                                                            $5.8K

Disaster Relief (CRI):                                    $1K 

Projected Budget | 2023

Tithe & Offering  | Annual                    $90K 

Projecting Monthly Giving            $10K

Monthly Spending                          $9K

Jan - Jun Budget                            $55K

July - Dec Budget                                     $55K

Actual Jan-June Giving                        $___________

Actual July-Dec Giving                    $___________

Jan-Dec 2023 total %                        _________%

2023|Rebuild Silo's Savings

Rebuild our Savings  Account           $30K 

Due to incredible financial difficulties in 2022, we were forced to utilize our savings in order to continue the work of the church.  It's our desire to rebuild our savings account, as it serves as an emergency fund for the church.  Would you pray about giving a one-time gift toward our Savings/Emergency fund?

2023 Giving to Missions

Member and Local Need:              $__________ 

Global | Haiti:                                  $__________

Disaster Relief (CRI):                $__________

Thank You for your Generosity!

If you have any financial questions regarding Silo's budget or your giving, please email us at

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