Silo Kids exists to create a biblical foundation and framework in preparation for the challenges of today’s world.  We don't believe in junior holy spirit.  Our desire is for every kid to experience genuine encounters with God both in His Word and by the Holy Spirit.  When speaking about kids, Jesus said; “the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these!”  We're convinced that Spirit-filled kids are not mere “Christians-in-training” but rather full-fledged followers of Jesus NOW. 

WHAT TO EXPECT | Ages 5-12

WORSHIP/PRAYER | We create an environment for kids to prepare their hearts in worship, not just a sing-along musical time, but true holy moments in God's presence.  We encourage times of prayer both altogether, individually, and for each other in small groups. 

TEACHING/MESAGE | Silo teachers are thoughtful, fun, creative and interactive in their approach to teaching the word of God to each kids. 

SCRIPTURE MEMORIZATION | Fun (yes challenging!)  We incentivize “renewing our minds” by memorizing passages of scripture. 

ARTS/CRAFTS |  Reinforcing themes we’ve been building upon, we get as creatively hands-on as possible! 

GAMES | Laughing and learning often go hand-in-hand. We try to create games that relate to the topic or scripture memory whenever possible.